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Bing U-Secrets sparks dialogue, drama on Facebook page

In just over a month, Bing U-Secrets, a new Facebook page inspired by PostSecret, has exploded in popularity, receiving hundreds of posts and over 1,500 friends. ...

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Book Review: "Dear Life: Stories"

The settings are so detailed, so richly written, that they often overwhelm our interest in the characters. ...

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Book Review: "1948"

“1948” recounts Kaniuk’s experience in the Palmach, a ragtag underground Jewish army that became an essential group in Israel’s war for independence. ...

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Denzel Washington's "Flight" is Pretty Fly

“Flight” isn’t just a dreary tale of endless, painful addiction. Director Robert Zemeckis’ filmmaking injects the story with funny and thrilling scenes. ...

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Release Reads

Release review "The Middlesteins," a new novel by Jami Attenberg, and "The Onion Book of Known Knowledge" ...

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Christian Lander talks success, racism, humor

If you like "Arrested Development," (#38), "Asian Girls" (#11), "Expensive Sandwiches" (#63) or "Knowing What's Best For Poor People," (#62) then you will like Christian Lander. ...

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Clint Eastwood: America's Actor

Release looks back on some of Clint’s best moments, chronicling his rise from nobody to the greatest actor of all time. ...

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The xx drops new album

"Coexist" has some great songs and some that are less than impressive. ...


Hitting the shelves this fall

Attention all literary-inclined Binghamton University students: the year’s biggest book season is quickly approaching. Be sure to visit your local Barnes & Noble and check out these upcoming book releases. September 11...


5 high school-themed films worth seeing before college

Once you start college, you can’t quite view these films in the same way again. ...