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Shyamalan rebounds with 'Split'

In the early 2000s, M. Night Shyamalan had a streak of movies so good, Newsweek hailed him as the “next [Steven] Spielberg.” Then he started a streak of movies so bad, they...


HPC gets sketchy with Binghamton Night Live

The show sold out both nights, filling all 82 seats in the venue. ...


Visual Effects in 'Dr. Strange' something to marvel at

Beyond the cinematography and special effects that give the action pieces a unique flair, the movie also obtains much of its humor and heart from the characters and the cast playing them. ...

Restaurant Week 2016

Restaurant Week Fall 2016: The Colonial

As an entree, The Colonial had options including the Colonial Burger, falafel burger and rueben sandwich. I had the Colonial Burger, and it was a major improvement. According to its website, The ...


'Birth of a Nation' premiere spurs debate

Perhaps the biggest flaw in the plot, and one that comes back to the controversy around the movie, is how Nat Turner’s rebellion is depicted. There are real-life aspects of the rebellion ...