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Everything we weren't taught

Upon graduation, I advise all of us to take a step back, to ground ourselves and to realize that the depths of this universe go beyond our own trials and tribulations. ...


Brandeis’ decision to nix commencement speaker is misguided

The entire point of a university is to allow for rhetoric that doesn’t always satisfy the majority opinion. ...


Addicts deserve compassion, not incarceration

Like any other mental illness or disease, drug addictions are beyond one’s control. ...


Sans facts, missing plane conspiracy theories abound

As human beings, we are absolutely terrified by the unknown. And death is the biggest unknown there is. ...


Web classes are more accessible and flexible than classroom learning

As we venture further into this world of technology, we need to realize attendance at an accredited university doesn't always mean success. ...


Destigmatize mental health issues

I am certain that when most people hear the word “Tourette’s,” they think of someone uncontrollably shouting out profanity in a large auditorium. Sadly, some severe cases of Tourette’s do manifest themselves ...


Stop the dangerous drinking games

Facebook cannot wait to take action when lives are at risk. ...


Response: I am not a feminist

Feminism is not what makes a woman strong. ...


Teach For America doesn't live up to its mission

The intensive training program is merely intensive by name and description. ...


New health care site fails to launch

Nearly 52 million Americans either have already lost, or will lose their health care. But at least President Obama said he was sorry. ...