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A columnist's reflection and apology

I made an inappropriate and insensitive comparison, and attempted to innocently discuss something with too much history to be taken lightly. ...


Dressing as another race isn't always offensive

By creating racist claims out of something so innocent as a Halloween costume, we are further perpetuating race as an all-inclusive issue when it doesn’t have to be. ...


Redefine success and live a happier life

Today, success is consistently defined by money, power and where we stand in the socioeconomic hierarchy that charts America. ...


Gun violence demands legislation

Why haven’t the deaths of already 20 children been enough? ...


The facts are in the footage

After I watched a painful video clip from CNN that featured real footage of Syrian civilians suffering from sarin gas, the need for U.S. intervention became clear to me. ...


Despite bombing, resist stereotyping

Our enemies are not one group of people who practice one religion from one country; our enemies are the individuals that choose to hurt us. ...


Beware — Facebook takeover

Is the writing on the wall for Mark Zuckerberg? ...


The Dow is up, but we've seen this before

The Dow closed at 14,393 on Friday evening, which is 20 points more than it did in October 2007. Whatever that means. ...


The high cost of artificial concentration

The proliferation of study drugs is killing our kids. ...


Is that freckle melanoma or grave internal bleeding?

A day in the life of a hypochondriac. ...