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Stomaching the flood was no easy task

Last Wednesday was the start of unrelenting rain. By mid-afternoon, a hurrah rang up across campus. All classes were cancelled as of 3 p.m. At first, I was naive to the severity...


How my lost wallet restored my faith in man

Many ancient philosophers have been stumped by the following question: Is mankind inherently good or evil? I know I’m not any famous philosopher, but I have an answer and it came to...


The simple life, summer camp moments

To 8-year-old girls at camp, underwater handstand competitions are monumental events. Judges can’t be just anyone who would throw out a perfect 10. They themselves must know how to do an excellent...


Rooty, tooty, fresh and ... wasteful

As a pretty big fan of perfectly cooked pancakes, extra crispy bacon and eggs with only a slight crisp around the edge, I frequent IHOP. A lot. On the morning of my...


Knicks jerseys of all colors should be made in America

This past St. Patrick’s Day, I turned on the TV to find the New York Knicks playing in green uniforms. If the Knicks had a long line of Irish blood, maybe they...


Volunteering, but with a very hefty price tag

As temperatures increase from anywhere below zero to now well over the teens, it can only mean one thing: Summer is just around the corner. And with that comes the tedious hunt...