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For Valentine’s Day, professor breaks down what makes a happy relationship

Faculty and staff gathered in the University Union on Friday to kick off Valentine’s Day weekend with a talk by Binghamton University psychology professor Richard Mattson on cultivating healthy relationships. Mattson based...


Visiting professor breaks down factors leading to impulsivity

Wait one minute and get a free sandwich, or wait 20 minutes and get two sandwiches with a drink? What someone picks might reveal more than just how hungry they are. Many...


NASA engineer begins journey at Harpur College

Like many students, Frances Hurwitz had no idea what she wanted to do when she came to Harpur College. However, her path eventually led her to become a senior materials research engineer...

Science & Research

Researchers look for effects of binge drinking during adolescent years

The effects of binge drinking on the developing brain is a prevalent topic for those in their college years. Researchers on campus are exploring what exactly those effects are and when they...


Professors and local administrators share advancements in tech, education

Real world problems were scaled down Friday as panelists discussed technological and practical solutions at Binghamton University’s fourth annual Innovation Day. Hosted in the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC), the event featured a...


From dildos to drag queens, students explore safer sex options

Students gathered in the Old University Union Saturday for a judgment-free discussion of sexuality and sexual education. “Let’s Talk About Sex” was hosted by SHADES, a BU student group that works to...