Hooman Ibrahim

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Challenging the traditional education model

Imagine on one of your first days of a new course your professor tells your entire class to get up and walk to the window and connect the seemingly unrelated things you...


The role of male allies

“I don’t want to sound crazy” is a phrase that has become all too prevalent from victims of sexual assault struggling to make the decision to report an incident of abuse. Similarly,...


How a new third party could enter the scene

The United States’ political landscape has been dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties for more than a century. Many U.S. citizens apathetically underestimate the prospect of alternative political parties. However, recent...


Why we need to think differently about addiction

When I first learned that my friend Dan, a student in the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, had passed away a few months ago, I was devastated. Even more alarming...


Why the existence of Kurdistan is no longer disputable

There was a time when it appeared that Islamic State, rapidly expanding into Syria, could not be stopped. The world idly stood by as the group used horrific violence in order to...