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Is "canceling" culture toxic?

It’s no secret that celebrities are just like us. They go grocery shopping, pay taxes and even struggle with issues like mental illness. One other way that celebrities are just like us:...


Florida's Amendment 4 is a step in the right direction

While everyone was encouraged to vote on Nov. 6 in the past few weeks, not everyone’s ballot looked the same. Candidates and open positions varied from state to state, and depending on...


Comedy shows that rely on offending others aren't funny

It’s common knowledge that stars’ behavior behind the scenes can have drastic effects on what we viewers get to watch at home. Despite amassing nearly 18.4 million viewers on the night the...


Kavanaugh’s appointment is a slap in the face for sexual assault survivors

On Thursday, Sept. 27, nearly 20.4 million people across the nation tuned into both cable and broadcasting networks to watch Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee against Supreme...


Defacing Nike brand apparel is not an effective form of protest

This month, Nike released both a video and photo advertisement for the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” campaign. The athlete chosen to represent the brand? Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback...


Older actors make unrealistic teenagers

Coming-of-age movies are a staple in most teenagers’ lives. The recent resurgence of teen-led rom-coms and television series has seen shows covering darker, more real topics and having realistically diverse casts. However,...


Catholic clergy members should condemn corrupt priests

Religious fervor and fanaticism are things most people associate with issues like foreign terrorism, secluded communities and even cult-based crimes. They usually aren’t things most Americans associate with Christianity, the most popular...


Making friends is key to getting the most out of college

Congrats on surviving the college process and deciding to come to Binghamton University; it’s not easy and you deserve a second to take in all your hard work. I’m here to pass...


Why we need to save the bees

Bees. More than a humorous Cards Against Humanity card, more than a signal for the welcoming of springtime and absolutely more than an unwanted pest. They’re incredibly complex, intelligent insects. Known best...


If it's not intersectional, it's not feminism

It’s 2018 and the landscape for feminism has changed entirely from what it used to be. Women are no longer standing down in the face of sexism and now more than ever,...