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Binghamton community responds to Trump conviction

As Americans face the historic reality of a former president’s felony conviction, Pipe Dream reached out to campus and community political leaders for their thoughts on the landmark legal proceedings. The verdict...


Attorney General report determines excessive force was used in Hamail Waddell arrest; community responds

Community activists gathered at Binghamton City Hall on Wednesday evening in response to a recently released report from the New York Attorney General’s office, which found excessive force was used in the...

Campus News

Swastika found by University Union bus stop

A swastika drawn in the dirt by the Binghamton University Union bus stop was discovered on Wednesday evening. A subsequent Thursday afternoon B-Line message to students said that while University police are...

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Anti-BDS coalition organizes Israel Unity Rally

Students gathered on the Newing College field on Thursday afternoon for an Israel Unity Rally organized by the Say No! to BDS coalition, a group of student-led organizations advocating against the Boycott,...

Liberated Zone

SA Judicial Board strikes down parts of BDS resolution

The Student Association (SA) Judicial Board struck down parts of the resolution expressing the SA’s support for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. The decision, which repealed three of the resolution’s clauses, marks a major...


Armenian genocide memorial held at local church

Local community members gathered Tuesday evening to honor the lives of those lost in the Armenian Genocide. Held at the St. Gregory Armenian Church, the memorial was spearheaded by the Institute for...


Local organizations host climate change summit

A local climate change summit was held this past weekend to highlight ways in which Broome County can become more environmentally sustainable. Spearheaded by Binghamton University, Broome County Planning, the American Red...

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Campus community participates in week-long Research Days celebration

Students, faculty and staff participated in research-immersive events this past week during Binghamton University’s annual Research Days celebration. Various areas of study were spotlighted at a series of different campus events from...

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A week before Spring Fling, BSSL hit by resignations

Just one week before Spring Fling, multiple Binghamton Sound, Stage and Lighting (BSSL) E-Board members have publicly announced their resignations, largely in response to a controversial resolution passed in the Student Association...

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BDS resolution passes

At a raucous, nearly five-hour meeting Tuesday night, the Student Association (SA) Congress, in a momentous vote, passed a resolution expressing the SA’s support for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS). Shortly after midnight,...