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The impact of “frat rap” on the rap genre

Step into any college party and you will most likely hear a lot of the same music. Steve Aoki’s remix “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi, RL Grime’s “UCLA” and Travis Scott’s...


Student theatre adaptation of “Lonely Planet” presents a timeless premise

On Friday, April 30, the Binghamton University theatre department premiered an adaptation of Steven Dietz’s play “Lonely Planet.” The play, originally performed in 1993, follows the characters Jody and Carl, who radiate...


Local celebrity Steven Shaffer serves students, locals at Pepe's Bar-B-Q

At 76 Main St., in the parking lot of the American Legion, there’s a stand where you can find true-to-the-craft barbecued chicken and ribs, with sides like beans and mac & cheese....


Putin's dictatorship makes himself, and Russia, untouchable

The famed Greek philosopher Plato’s lesser-known elder brother, Glaucon, had an interesting take on the subject of justice. He believed firmly that justice was only performed out of fear of punishment, and...


Springtime fashion advice for Binghamton's unpredictable weather

It looks like Springhamton is here to stay. What does this mean for your drawers filled with hoodies, sweatpants and sweaters? Nothing. Let’s be honest here: spring in Binghamton is filled with...


Justin Bieber delivers wholesome, diverse material on "Justice"

Even this early on in the year, 2021 now has a top contender for album of the year — courtesy of Justin Bieber —the man who’s been on top of the music...