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Setting the right pace

Since it’s still June and the school year just ended, the fall semester seems like ages away. However, when the summertime begins to progress into July, it tends to fly by quickly....


Getting an earlier start to our 'O' credits

When the typical student looks back on what was done in the classroom throughout their time in high school, they may remember the seemingly endless preparation for standardized tests with little time...


Speaking the language of success

Your résumé is finally complete. Each detail, from the formatting to the content, looks spectacular. At first glance, the languages category may seem insignificant. It is placed on the bottom of the...


The unmentioned drawbacks of Turnitin

Many college students have had instructors who required them to submit their essays through a system called Turnitin. It has become such a norm that it is rare to find a student...


Trying a new residential life

As a spring admit last year, I looked up to my residential assistant (RA) as a role model and a helpful resource. However, it might be a little more challenging for the...


The art of naps and snacks

It has certainly come to the point in the semester in which there is an overwhelming amount of work, and several of us are unsure of where to even start. From term...


Silence your distractions

“Hey, check out this meme! This has me dying, it’s literally me!” One meme turns into several memes, then progresses into some BuzzFeed and Pinterest posts, and ultimately results in countless wasted...


Election 2016: Don't compromise on your ideals

“Why should I even vote? It wouldn’t count anyway.” “Why vote for a third party? That’s a wasted vote — you may as well not even bother.” Though I am not the...


Staying fit without the Gen Ed

It’s senior year at last, but you still have a few more major requirements to go. Ideally, it would be great to focus on those classes alone, but the general education section...