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We must condemn men who blame their violent acts on women

The phrase “Nice guys finish last” is a common one. I have heard it and variations like “She friendzoned me” and “Girls only date assholes” countless times. When I hear or read...


Music festivals shouldn't be a breeding ground for sexual assault

I know I sound like “that person,” but I love a good music festival. When I bought my Saturday ticket for The Governors Ball Festival on Randall’s Island, I let myself get...


We can't discuss drugs without discussing race

Drugs and their use have long been contentious topics in the United States. The national conversation about drugs is multifaceted and diverse. One of the problems that needs to be addressed is...


Why is there a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to fashion?

I remember my first and only venture into a Brandy Melville store like it was yesterday. I was in ninth grade and ventured into the shop with my mother in tow. As...


My identity is none of your business

In 2013, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 9 million Americans self-identify as multiracial. The people of this diverse community come in different shapes, sizes, ages, races, colors — the list goes...

On-Campus Events

Using 'Positive Vibes' to inspire and empower

“Positive Vibes: A Self-Love Showcase” is an annual event presented by Women Empowered Support Protect Educate Advocate and Know at Binghamton University (WE SPEAK BU). “We want to create an environment where...