Akshay Kumar


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Artificial intelligence is unlikely to seriously harm society

Many sci-fi movies have painted artificial intelligence (AI) to be an omen of humanity’s demise. The first cinematic appearance of AI was in a 1927 silent German film, “Metropolis.” Throughout the entire...


Retail investors striking back at Wall Street is more than a fluke

The stock market is deemed an important and sacred aspect of our economy by both our news media and governmental figures. Most of us have been confused by the jargon that surrounds...


Interference in foreign governments has deadly consequences

In October, while America was preparing for the most important election in our modern history, Bolivia was trying to vote out its tyrannical, United States-backed, interim president, Jeanine Añez. Añez, “who believes...


More must be done to mitigate COVID-19’s financial impact

We wade further and further into an almost dystopian society filled with civil unrest and longing for change against a bigoted police state. All this, while being governed by an icon to...