The Binghamton University campus, tucked away in the hills off Vestal Parkway East, functions as a town unto itself. With dining halls, residential communities, libraries, classrooms and the University Union, many underclassmen spend the majority of their time on campus, save weekends in Downtown Binghamton. The BU campus is huge and expansive. While it’s easy to fall into the same routine of going to your usual spots, your dorm, the nearest dining hall, Lecture Hall and back, the campus has countless beautiful spots to offer, whether you’re looking for a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle between classes or a scenic view of the sunset. Here are a few of the best spots on campus to catch a break from the craziness of college life.

The Troll Bridge

Located behind Broome Hall of Newing College, the Troll Bridge crosses a small brook and leads off campus to Murray Hill Road. The bridge has a painting of a troll underneath it, welcoming all visitors and anyone daring to cross the bridge. This is the perfect spot to go for a quick stroll, catch some fresh air and listen to the peaceful sounds of the babbling brook and chirping birds. Not too far from the Troll Bridge is a path connecting the main campus to the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC). From Newing College, a walk to the ITC through the Troll Bridge is a great way to beat the cabin fever that comes with campus isolation from the surrounding community.

Mountainview Quad

While almost every dorm community has its own quad (except for College-in-the-Woods), the Mountainview Quad has the most stunning views of the BU campus and the surrounding area, making it totally worth the uphill trek — especially for the sunrise and sunset. You can see far into the horizon and enjoy the vistas with some ice cream or fried food from Appalachian Collegiate Center’s Nite Owl.

The Spine

Right outside the Library Tower in the center of campus, the Spine stretches from the Pegasus Statue to the Harpur College monolith and is lined with benches on either side with a fountain located in the center. This area serves as a great outdoor study spot or even a spot to drink some coffee, people-watch and recharge between classes. This spot is easy to get to from nearly anywhere on campus. Spend an hour on one of these benches and you are bound to run into friends or someone you know in this highly trafficked area.

The Memorial Courtyard

The Memorial Courtyard is a confined area only accessible through the Fine Arts Building. However, with beautifully manicured gardens and trees, the Memorial Courtyard is worth a visit, especially in the fall or spring. If you have classes in the Fine Arts Building and need a break to eat lunch and relax for a little while, the Memorial Courtyard provides a peaceful ambience in the middle of one of the campus’ largest buildings.

Dickinson Gazebo

This small gazebo behind Dickinson Community overlooks a marsh and the Nature Preserve. While it may be a small and easily overlooked location, this gazebo is a great secluded and contemplative place. This area gets very little foot traffic, making it the perfect place to take a moment for yourself or a group of friends.