Name: Cyber Café West

Food Type: Diner/American

Price Point: Low

Restaurant Week: Lunch only

Arriving to Cyber Café West, a usual favorite spot of mine, for Restaurant Week, I was taken aback by how many options they offered their customers. In comparison to other restaurants, Cyber Café offers a variety of different food options and in huge portions vs. a cheaper price and a smaller serving size.

Starting with the first course, you can choose from a side salad, chili or soup of the day. If anyone is as big a lover of Cyber Café West as I am, they know that the veggie chili is unbelievable and served with tortilla chips on the side. Even during Restaurant Week, Cyber still gives you the huge portion it always does and it’s just as delicious as ever.

For the second course, you have six wraps to choose from — Caesar and wrap of Khan being two of my favorite options. Expecting a small portion, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a normal-size wrap. Served hot or cold, each wrap is equally amazing. Also, you have the choice of “opening” a wrap and having the contents served as a salad if you’re choosing a healthier route.

As if an appetizer and main course weren’t enough, you’re allowed to choose from two different dessert choices, a lemon bar or a pumpkin brownie. If you haven’t been to Cyber before, you should know that this is a treat. 90 percent of its baked goods are homemade and always excellent. They always have seasonal treats and little goodies offered at inexpensive prices at the register.

Overall, Cyber Café West is the epitome of my ideal Restaurant Week lunch. It offers a variety of options to its customers and present vast portion sizes that will have you leaving very full and very satisfied. Not to mention, the hippie vibe of Cyber Café offers a comfortable and relaxed eating environment that is just as pleasant as its food.