Located on 31 Lewis St. is the upscale restaurant Remlik’s Grille & Oyster Bar. Their food features a variety of different seafood dishes, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and an impressive sushi lineup. Remlik’s uses its warm ambiance for comfortable dining experiences.

For Restaurant Week this time around, the establishment is offering a $35 dinner menu, featuring an appetizer, entree and dessert. Any of the three courses could be substituted with a glass of house Pinot Grigio or Cabernet Sauvignon.

When my photographer Jocelyn and I walked into Remlik’s, located in the Kilmer Building, the first thing we noticed was the luscious and elaborate interior design of the restaurant. The dim lights, grand pillars and beautiful hanging light fixtures worked extremely well to create an inviting atmosphere that was a joy to look at as well. Art was another eye-catching detail of the design of the restaurant. Unique paintings were hung up all over, with the option to buy small and large art prints at the entrance. The place was busy, but not crowded to the point where it made the dining experience uncomfortable, and the service right away was attentive to us.

For the first course, Remlik’s offered a garden salad featuring mixed greens, garden vegetables and white balsamic. They also offered a spicy tuna roll, “soup of the day,” bruschetta with tomatoes, basil, garlic and crostini and a crispy shrimp glazed in a sweet chili sauce.

The soup du jour was a vegetable soup, but there was an option to substitute it with another soup, so I ordered their French onion. The soup delighted the taste buds with perfectly caramelized onions, flavorful melted cheese and tasty bread. The chives as the garnish completed a near-perfect execution of the French onion. For Jocelyn’s first course, she ordered the crispy shrimp, in which she enjoyed the flavors of the sauce and the shrimp, but expected a slightly bigger portion.

There was no shortage of interesting items for the main entree offering, some of which include the prime sirloin — covered in a mushroom burgundy sauce with a side of whipped potatoes and vegetable du jour — chicken parmesan with penne pasta and sesame encrusted ahi with jasmine rice and pickled slaw.

Jocelyn and I both picked the Atlantic salmon. I was pleased with the tenderness of the salmon that was neither undercooked nor overcooked, but just right. The risotto was delicious and tasted better with each new bite. The spinach on top of the salmon was covered in a beurre blanc sauce that enchanted the spinach to new heights. Jocelyn also enjoyed the entire dish, emphasizing spinach and risotto as the highlight. While my photographer and I agreed the salmon was a bit under-seasoned, the bite of the spinach, risotto and salmon all at once was unmatched.

For the dessert course, the offerings were based on the chef’s selection of desserts for that night. My photographer and I had three options to choose from — New York-style cheesecake, lemon cake or chocolate cake. I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and select the lemon cake. It was the right decision because the lemon cake tasted elegant. The lemon cream in the middle and the fluffy cake around it made for an addicting dessert option. Jocelyn ordered the chocolate cake, which also was an automatic hit. She felt the cake hit the sweet spot of being dense enough but not too rich, making an enjoyable slice of chocolate cake.

As an upscale dining establishment with great food, desserts and atmosphere, Remlik’s Grille and Oyster Bar is the best direction to take in Binghamton. Not only was the food satisfying, but I never had my glass of water become less than half full, which is a testament to the fantastic service of the restaurant. Restaurant week lasts until Sept. 22, so if you want to have a fancy dinner night with friends or family, Remlik’s is a marvelous option.