Sex toy parties are a fun and educational way to not only embrace your sexuality, but also explore your sexual desires.

If you have been looking for a way to spice up your sex life, look no further than your own apartment, where a Pure Romance consultant can bring a sex shop to you.

Pure Romance is one of the many multinational companies that sell everything from upscale beauty products to lingerie and the newest sex toys to women over the age of 18.

These products were shown to us in a unique and fun party experience that is exclusively geared toward women and completely free to host. The party left all of us laughing, informed and maybe with a product or two to try.

The party was hosted by Casey Weidman, a 25-year-old from Apalachin, New York and the enthusiastic and knowledgeable Pure Romance consultant for our party. She was invited to host our party at an apartment in Downtown Binghamton, as the company’s employees are traveling consultants that will host at any venue.

Weidman was introduced to this career through social media recruitment and when she saw the opportunity to become a consultant, she did not hesitate to reach out. Her enthusiasm about her career and products she provides made the party fun and her sense of humor created an amusing, casual atmosphere while also educating us on the correct usage of the products. Many, if not all of us, had never attended a party like this, so we appreciated her efforts to ease any discomfort we may have had by playing absurd games like assigning ourselves sexy nicknames, all in the name of comfort, humor and empowerment.

Before the party on Feb. 2, Weidman encouraged participation through social media on a Facebook party page. She introduced herself, previewed some products and promoted fun free giveaways, which kept everyone excited and involved in the party experience that was expected to follow.

At the party, after playing some games and going over introductions, Weidman previewed some of the products in interactive demonstrations of smelling, touching and, yes, even tasting, while explaining the uses and benefits of them.

She began by showing us perfumes with pheromones, which are chemicals the body releases that affect the behaviors of others. This created a unique and tailored scent for each party guest because nothing kicks off a party like smelling all of your friends.

Following this, Weidman showed us lubricants and creams that she put on our fingers for us to touch, smell and taste, all of which had different textures, flavors and uses, from lubricating to enhancing sensitivity.

Next, she brought out sex toys that came in all shapes and sizes. Weidman allowed us to touch and hold the toys, some of which vibrated, while showing the many uses of them and safe sanitary practices as well.

Following the demonstrations, Weidman held a one-on-one shopping experience for private purchases of products demonstrated and ones that were seen in a magazine distributed among the guests.

Throughout the party, she fielded any and all questions about the products or sexual health and pleasure in general, which she answered while continually reassuring all of us that she has seen and heard it all.

“We don’t consider ourselves ‘the dildo ladies,’ or things like that,” Weidman said. “At this point, three years into consulting, I consider myself a sexual health educator. I don’t consider myself a salesperson and I never have. I tell you what the products are and you decide for yourself if you think the product will serve you in any way. That itself makes me feel good that I’m able to help.”

In hosting these parties, Weidman turns a stereotypically vulgar and obscene topic into an open conversation, which is a promising start to changing the dialogue around sex.

“I think we, as a whole, are taking strides to get rid of the taboo aspect of talking about sex and talking about the intimacy of it,” Weidman said. “We definitely are taking strides towards making things more inclusive and we take pride in making our parties classy and educational.”

The fun and educational party experience is not just geared toward college students like us, but women of all ages looking to improve their sex life or learn more about the options available to them.

“As far as clients go, I see a lot of range in age,” Weidman said. “I see anywhere from 18-year-olds in college to 80-year-old women. I would say the average age is late 20s to early 30s in my experience. It is really interesting how different everyone is and the different experiences I have in the shopping room with them.”

Along with these parties, purchase preferences know no age.

“I don’t see a specific age that people tend to go for certain products,” Weidman said. “People see the benefits of the products and decide if it’s for them to try.”

Products from this company have a wide price range of $20 to $200, giving you options in many price and quality ranges, which everyone appreciated at our party, being broke college students and all.

This party experience served to open up the conversation about sex and sexual health in a comfortable and pressure-free environment of friends and acquaintances. A sex toy party is definitely a party you will not regret hosting or attending.

Editor’s note (4/26/23): The name of this author was removed after publication. Though Pipe Dream maintains a strict policy against changing or removing content after it is published, an exception was made after discussion with the author.