Send friends money in a snap

By Rich Kersting -

The validity of Snapcash’s security should definitely be the first question on everybody’s mind, as Snapchat has come under fire in the past when people discovered that the app never actually deletes the vanishing photos.

Normcore: the gender neutral style

By Meryl Fontek -

The purest manifestation of the trend, whether intentional or not, resembles a ’90s tourist or an American dad on a Sunday afternoon.

Explaining a building with brutal design

By James Sereno -

The building is home to Watson advising and most engineering classes (as well as other classes), but unless you need to go in for one of those, it’s best avoided.

The Binghamton brain behind Showtime’s hits

By Jami Ganz -

We can thank Levine for the last seventeen years of great TV. At Showtime, Levine has served as the executive vice president of original programming since 2001, a role similar to his former positions as the head of drama at...

Afternoon delight: Binghamton’s best lunch specials

By Evy Pitt-Stoller -

Grande’s is a pretty well-known Italian restaurant among the student population, but not everyone knows about the unbelievable deals they offer around noon. You can come in any day of the week between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and get...

Giancarlo Esposito will be Breaking Bing

By Jacob Shamsian -

After Esposito’s talk, he’ll accept audience questions predetermined by a Twitter question-and-answer to be held by the Programming Board at noon on Wednesday.

The Anderson Center’s curtain, lifted

By Jonathan Ortiz -

Most may argue the best seats in the house are located in the first two rows of the theater, however Casey Korchynsky, the Anderson Center’s house operations director, says otherwise.