Matt Damon shows humanity in 'The Martian'

By Deanna Shiverick -

While you sit there in the theater, you can look on as he grows plants on Mars — using his own feces as a fertilizer — in addition to providing water for himself and powering through his solitude.

Atomic Tom’s displays ‘Rude and Bold Women’

By Therese Ferrara -

“This show gives women a platform and an opportunity to express what it is like to live as a women in a patriarchal society,” said Yvonne Lucia, a principle organizer of the show.

Merlin’s last show is anything but a drag

By Rich Kersting -

As Merlin’s closes its doors and “The Last Drag” comes to an end, the question is posed: Where can this level of creativity find a new stage to share its talent?

Harpur Cinema brings global film perspective to BU

By Stephanie Kirincic -

Started during the 1965-1966 school year as the Harpur Film Society, the group’s annual screenings have brought a variety of international, independent and historical films to Binghamton University’s campus.