Happy Latinx Heritage Month, mi gente! I couldn’t be more ecstatic that PRISM’s first issue falls during the time of month when my culture and my people are in the spotlight. As your new editor, I’ve long recognized the need to amplify the voices of students of color at Binghamton University, and I’m so grateful to former editor Kara Jillian Brown and all of the other staff for responding to that need with a publication as beautiful as PRISM. Assisting Kara in launching PRISM last year was one of the most exciting experiences of my junior year, and I couldn’t be more proud to continue the legacy.

In this issue, we commemorate Latinx Heritage Month by highlighting the Latin American Student Union’s (LASU) plans to celebrate the month with its series of workshops centered around its theme this year: Afro-Latinx identity. While you learn more about the vibrant Latinx cultures and histories this month, you can supplement the experience and cook up some traditional Puerto Rican dishes by following a couple of recipes we’ve featured.

We also shine a light on the voices of two noteworthy figures on campus, Student Association (SA) President Jerry Toussaint and women’s basketball’s Director of Operations Kike Omowumi Rafiu. Toussaint shares his experience of being SA president as a black man, while Rafiu details how she empowers young girls in Nigeria through the nonprofit organization, Girls Rise Up, that she founded.

You can take a break from the lengthy articles with our back-to-school fashion spread and advice for new students of color. PRISM serves to show off BU’s beautiful multicultural community, after all, but should also be a guiding force to lead people of color on a path to success, happiness and fulfillment.

Rounding out the issue is a pair of opinions pieces relevant to the campus community. The first is centered around the Binghamton University Dining Services’ lack of adequate food options for African and Caribbean students, and the other describes cinema’s shift in its portrayal of law enforcement due to the increased ability of people of color to write and direct their own films.

I’ve watched PRISM grow from a small group of fewer than ten writers to a network and support system for students and faculty of color across this campus. For my last year at BU, I intend to continue welcoming, engaging and empowering our multicultural community, and I hope you’ll join me in reaching that goal.