Arsenije “Arsh” Markicevic, a junior quadruple-majoring in physics, philosophy, economics and philosophy, politics and law

1. What is your platform?

“My platform revolves around my slogan, ‘Open and United.’ Mainly, I want to increase student participation in student government through an extensive outreach campaign that emphasizes student input and boldly states that ‘You Matter.’ This ‘You Matter’ initiative entails regularly scheduled public forums and surveys that will prompt [student] feedback. As for the latter half of my slogan, I want to facilitate collaboration between groups with often overlooked relations, such as Greek life and SA organizations.”

2. Why did you decide to run for an SA executive board position?

“As someone who has had a role in the SA since sophomore year, I find it troubling that many students cannot recognize its purpose, actions or officials. Being a part of the SA definitely enhanced my experience as a student, and I want more students to experience that. I want to leave Binghamton and be sure I made a difference on campus, and this position allows me the opportunity to do so.”

3. What issues will you prioritize if you are elected? What issues do you think are most important and need to be solved?

“Student involvement and feedback [on] the SA would be my priorities. Not every student knows the inner workings of the SA, nor do they know how they can get involved. The SA executive board should reflect the opinions of all undergraduates, which is why I want to expand the SA’s reach. I want to lay the foundation for a more unified campus community, and I believe that this can be accomplished through inter-organization collaboration.”