Housing Issue 2023

Welcome to Pipe Dream’s 2023 Housing Issue!

Now is the time to figure out off-campus housing for the next year and sign those leases. To learn more about housing in Binghamton and get some advice on all things dorm and apartment life, check out the stories below.


Residential Life houses overflow students in super occupancy housing

Renters’ rights: what to know for first-time tenants

What to know before signing a lease

One year later: a look back on Mayor Kraham’s student housing zoning changes

BU students share housing horror stories

Arts & Culture

Tips and tricks for living with roommates 101

How to stay connected to your living community

Pros and cons of off-campus housing

6 Dorm friendly recipes


Airbnb fuels gentrification and housing crisis in NYC

Landlords fuel Binghamton housing crisis

Off-campus living is a difficult transition