Welcome to Pipe Dream’s 2019 Sex Issue. This year, we wanted to emphasize the importance of making your own choices in regard to sex, whether they are conventional or unconventional. Everyone has individual identities and preferences, and we want to stress that it’s OK — and encouraged — to embrace these aspects of yourself.

Making the choices that feel right to you, whether that’s having one sexual partner, multiple sexual partners or none at all, is of the utmost importance. In this issue, you’ll be able to learn about how to confidently make your own choices in safe, healthy and enjoyable ways that make you feel good. Our writers have explored ways to feel empowered and confident when having sexual encounters, along with new ways to have fun and explore sex in more unconventional ways. On a more serious note, however, the Editorial Board discusses the prevalent culture of sexual assault and harassment, and the surprising number of people who, according to our sex survey, aren’t even sure whether or not they have committed an act of sexual violence.

Six hundred and sixty-nine people responded to our sex survey this year, giving us a glimpse into the sex lives and preferences of roughly 4 percent of Binghamton University’s student population. We thank all of the participants for being open and honest, and for helping us to put together this issue. We hope this mix of viewpoints will help you to put your own sex life into perspective and to encourage you to feel comfortable and confident making the choices you want to make. To put it simply: It’s your life and you should focus on doing what’s safest, healthiest and most fun for you.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Sex Issue.

Cory Bremer/Design Manager

  • Students value reproductive health confidentiality, but insurance plans pose challenges
  • Sugar dating increases among college students
  • Dating apps see popularity, mixed opinions
  • Price of laboratory tests inhibits STI testing
  • Researchers believe sexual habits are changing among BU students
  • Lesbian, queer women face barriers to accessing dental dams, learning about safe sex


  • A brief history of Binghamton gay bars
  • Sex toy parties enlighten and entertain
  • Flush out your UTI with these tips
  • Don’t bring bloating home with your weekend hookup

  • Editorial: Why are 30 BU students not sure if they’ve sexually assaulted or harassed someone?
  • Continuing the fight for transgender people’s rights
  • How do we navigate the line between platonic and romantic?
  • Navigating birth control on your own