Samantha Rigante

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Comedians should be tactful when using stereotypes

Nearly as soon as comedian Dave Chappelle ended his Saturday Night Live monologue on Nov. 12, the backlash was swift. Accusations that Chappelle’s monologue contained anti-Semitic remarks flooded the media, with people...


Affirmative action must be preserved

The modern factors by which colleges and universities consider potential applicants have essentially always been highly contested. Are objective measures, like test scores, grades and class rank, superior to other potentially subjective...


Lee Zeldin's pro-gun policy would make New York more dangerous

It is no question that the United States has a gun problem. Whether you want to frame the issue as a constitutional debate over personal liberties ascribed to citizens in the Second...


The college ranking system is flawed

The title “Ivy League” immediately draws associations of elitism, money, academic excellence and selectivity — and now, scandal as well. Established in 1754, Columbia University is one of the eight Ivies and...