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Tips for the prospective intern

Because internships are more desirable than ever before, here are the top six tips to set yourself apart from your fierce competitors. ...

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Fashion month: A recap of the latest trends

If you follow fashion religiously, the last month has been the second-most exciting month of the year for you — second to September, of course, which is dedicated to debuting next year’s ...

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Irish drinks 101: Celebrate the homeland with these festive beverages

What better way to celebrate Parade Day than by drinking a refreshingly cold Irish ale or smooth Irish whiskey cocktail made from the homeland? ...

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Target: High fashion, reasonable prices

It used to be that designer clothing was either only for the rich and famous or an investment purchase. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Since the economic bubble burst in...

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Study tips for when you feel like you're losing your mind

 With finals week finally here, instead of solving calculus problems in your head during your sleep, here's a list of study tips that will prepare you to successfully face any exam and ...

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Costume predictions: what you'll probably see on the streets this year

This year could be described as one big, colorful collage of potential Halloween costumes. From over-the-top outfits to unexplainable behavior, summer Marvel blockbusters, two weddings dubbed “the wedding of the century” and...

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Meet the newest tech gadgets

What should you be lusting over? ...