Nicolas Scagnelli

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Kingdom Hearts 2 is a Perfect Sequel

“The Godfather Part II,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Empire Strikes Back” — Who doesn’t love a good sequel? These listed movies not only built on their predecessors, but also killed it at...


Ultimate Spider-Man redefined an icon

Spider-Man is one of fiction’s most recognizable characters. His franchise has made over $9.25 billion at the box office since 2002. His comics have also been going strong since 1962, and the...


Chainsaw Man is the best modern comic

Since the late 19th century, comic books have been a staple in popular culture. Once characters like Superman and Batman were introduced in the late 1930s, this point was ingrained even deeper....


Resident Evil 4 is an exemplar video game remake

Remakes are a controversial subject in pop culture. Many cry out that a remake of a popular series is a creatively bankrupt and cheap way to prolong the life of a series....


The MCU should have ended in 2019

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a juggernaut in the film industry. Starting in 2008 with the original “Iron Man,” Marvel has maintained a vicelike grip on pop culture and the movie...