Jordan Ori

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The 'war on Christmas' is not real

One of the most popular right-wing conspiracies that resurfaces every holiday season is the “War on Christmas.” Those who think that this war on Christmas exists believe that a liberal campaign is...


Men must stop interrupting women at the gym

Any woman who goes to the gym is all too familiar with the nerve-wrecking feeling that arises when a man approaches her during a set. Sometimes, his intentions are pure. He might...


It's time to squash satanic panic

With the ever-increasing popularity of social media, misinformation has become more prevalent, especially in the form of conspiracy theories. One of the most infamous internet conspiracies of all is the “Pizzagate” theory,...


Tabloid media needs to retire misogynistic smear campaigning

On Sept. 6., Joe Jonas of the iconic band The Jonas Brothers and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner confirmed that they were in the process of a divorce. In a joint...