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Sex Issue 2020

Individual sexuality is more complex than traditional labels

When I came close to dating a girl I knew during high school, I realized I was still questioning (and that I was petrified of) coming out — and so I told...


It's never too late in life to go to therapy

Last February, I was going through a lot. I was standing on the precipice of turning 20, had one of my parents get injured at their job, another facing a serious cancer...


The Supreme Court should defend abortion rights now more than ever

This Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear and rule on a Louisiana law concerning abortion access in the state. While an eerily similar law was vetoed in Texas in 2016,...

Advice Column

How to make college unique to you

First things first, congrats on getting into Binghamton University! I’ll admit BU may have been one of my top choices, but it wasn’t exactly my dream school. I had originally planned on...


We must respond to climate change with urgency

This Monday was Earth Day, and in the 49 years we’ve been celebrating the holiday, the basic message of those celebrating has stayed the same: Save the planet. However, with increasing evidence...


Students of color deserve to feel protected by their university

Many Binghamton University students are outraged as a result of the University’s response, or lack thereof, to the shooting of local restaurant owner Shakeel Khan. Khan was shot at approximately 10 p.m....


We must do more to support those affected by gun violence

A mass shooting happens, lives are lost, discourse on the cause is opened up, thoughts and prayers are sent and we slowly go back to normal. We go about our daily lives....


If found guilty, Jussie Smollett’s actions are abhorrent

The country listened in horror as “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett released news that he had been the victim of a vicious hate crime. He claimed that two individuals approached him, hit him,...


Discriminatory policies put LGBTQ lives in physical danger

A few years ago, during the previous administration, it seemed that the rights and freedoms for LGBTQ individuals were becoming more and more discussed. The legalization of gay marriage in the United...


Criminalization of black youth persists both locally and nationally

On Jan. 15, just about five miles away, four female students at East Middle School were allegedly strip-searched during school hours. The four African American students, all of whom are 12 years...