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Guest Columns

Balancing life in Brooklyn after Binghamton

When Opinions Editor Kaitlyn Liu sent me a text asking if I could write a guest column for the alumni issue, I was both honored and weirded out. It hasn’t even been...

Senior Columns

Senior column: Pursuing life with passion

All these years later, my mom was right — somehow, I did manage to be late to my college graduation. Not late enough where I missed anything too important, but late enough...


Conversations around sexual assault saddle women with responsibility

After seeing her memorials all over social media, it’s hard to believe that 33-year-old Sarah Everard was alive just last month. She was walking home from a friend’s house in London and...


Social isolation has forced me to live for myself

Now, a year out from when the pandemic shut all of our lives down, I’m not where I expected to be. No shit, are any of us where we wanted to be?...


Texan power outages should not be blamed on the outcome of the election

We are now on the second week of watching the state of Texas be hit hard by an unprecedented winter storm. Temperatures dipped below freezing and the state, which is usually tens...


Intent does not change the impact of bigoted humor

I wasn’t that surprised at the “joke” published in the Binghamton Review regarding Ariel Wajnrajch’s piece on Nov.18. I’ve never understood “Campus Presswatch,” the segment in which the joke appeared, because despite...

Restaurant Week Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Restaurant Week: 205 Dry

If there’s one thing quarantine has proved to us, it’s that very few things beat a good drink. I was lucky enough to head to 205 Dry, a restaurant I heard about...


Responses to new CDC report attempt to lessen COVID-19's impact

On Sept. 2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an updated report on the “provisional death counts for Coronavirus disease 2019.” The report indicated that 94 percent of the...

Sex Issue 2020

Individual sexuality is more complex than traditional labels

When I came close to dating a girl I knew during high school, I realized I was still questioning (and that I was petrified of) coming out — and so I told...


It's never too late in life to go to therapy

Last February, I was going through a lot. I was standing on the precipice of turning 20, had one of my parents get injured at their job, another facing a serious cancer...