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For a fulfilling life, professor urges following an unconventional path

“Things get bad, things are going to get bad and if you just hang on they’ll turn around,” Signorotti said. “They always do.” ...

Campus News

Binghamton University anounces CUNY administrator as next dean of libraries

Curtis Kendrick has been named the new dean of libraries at Binghamton University, effective July 15, 2015. Kendrick, who has been the University Dean for Libraries and Information Resources at the City...

Campus News

Admissions reports increase in diversity and representation of 2015-2016 admitted students

In light of student protests and debates on campus surrounding issues of diversity at Binghamton University, Randall Edouard, director of undergraduate admissions, held an open forum to discuss what the University is...

Science & Research

With $1.5M in grants, BU chemistry professor studies genetic approach to fighting cancer

A Binghamton University chemistry professor has been awarded over $500,000 to study the biological properties of native and chemically modified ribonucleic acids (RNA). Only 2 percent of human deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) encode...


With New York City data, study analyzes police-community relations

Whether in New York City or Binghamton, urban residents have continued to worry about harassment and discrimination by local law enforcement. Saturday morning, researchers from both cities came together at the University...

Science & Research

Traversing water, rocks and sand, BU-designed robot to participate in national competition

This is the first time the BU chapter of ASME, which became active last year, will compete in the Student Design Competition. ...

Science & Research

BU professor recognized for contributions to creation of lithium-ion battery

Every day, students plug their laptops and phones into outlets to charge. This may seem like a normal activity, but it represents a revolution in the way energy is stored. One of...


With morning brew, professor showcases history of a city

According to Um, Sufi Muslims would drink coffee in order to stay alert during rituals that often lasted through the night. Prior to that, coffee beans had been consumed as food in ...

Campus News

Director of Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) named after yearlong search

EOP is a special admissions program for approximately 600 students who are economically disadvantaged or first-generation college students. ...


Sixth-annual health fair highlights HPV, safe sex

With food, music, a bouncy house and games, the Region IX Health Fair had a lively atmosphere that brought over 150 people into Old Union Hall in the Old University Union Saturday...