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Navigating summer flings

As the sun begins to heat up the land, new adventures are bound to set sail. Summer brings about blossoming flowers as well as relationships. Summer flings are born, and the journey...


Educational Opportunity Program pushes students to prosper

This past October, Binghamton University’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) celebrated its 50th anniversary during the University’s Homecoming. Officially recognized by SUNY in 1968, EOP provides students from low-income backgrounds a chance to...


How to thrive at a PWI

As I worked as an orientation adviser this past summer, I came across quite a few students of color who were culture-shocked as they entered into a predominantly white space for the...


Social Wellness

It’s almost that time of the year where the sun’s out, school’s out and everyone goes their separate ways for a few months. As you part ways, don’t forget about the friendships...


Good beats in the heat

As the temperatures begin to rise, a new wave of music is sure to hit the shore. While we’re still waiting on a few releases, some music that we love has already...


A weekend in the life of the VPMA

According to Josh Gonzalez, the Student Association vice president for multicultural affairs (VPMA) and a senior on a 3+2 fast track to a M.S. in geography, his role is often misunderstood. “People...


Q&A with the VPMA

We followed up with Joshua Gonzalez, the Student Association vice president for multicultural affairs (VPMA) and a senior majoring in geography, after an event-packed weekend to gain more perspective on his position....


Up-and-coming poets of color

Poetry is a language that helps people communicate everything from intense emotions to smaller daily struggles. Specifically, within the multicultural community, shared experiences often lead to similar emotions. Not only do the...


Moving past the culture of "man up"

A common underrepresented topic within the African American and Latinx communities is mental health. Stigmas such as being weak when showing emotions are present within our community, and they prevent us from...