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Open discussion assesses welfare importance

The Burt Mitchell Minority Management Organization (BMMMO) held an open discussion on public assistance programs, letting students judge the true value of welfare in America. ...


Alumnus entrepreneur shares the secret to his success

Michael Wiesman came to campus to tell his success story and to help students create their own. ...


Poliks gives best material at Science Café

The Graduate Chemistry Club and the Materials Research Society teamed up on Friday to host an educational seminar on material science. ...


BU sees increase in international students

Nearly 700 students attended the international student orientation this year, up from around 500 last year. ...


SA digitizes ballots for upcoming election

With elections for the Student Association Executive Board right around the corner, a new electronic voting system will replace standard paper ballots. ...


Chinese acrobats swing onto Anderson's stage

Binghamton University's Anderson Center for the Arts was packed with more than 1,000 spectators last Monday who came to see dazzling acrobatic performances from The National Acrobats of the People's Republic of ...


BU Internet confirmed to be slower

Many students have noticed a significant decrease in the speed of their Internet connections on campus this semester. ...


University shuts off DC++, but downloads continue

Binghamton University students have taken notice that the popular file-sharing program "DC++," which allowed students to freely download media files, is not working this semester. ...


The Rat reopens after 'fire' claim reassessed

The Downtown Binghamton bar The Rathskeller Pub, or "The Rat," which has been closed since April 13 due to an emergency suspension of its liquor license by the New York State Liquor ...


Binghamton student leaders react to landmark marriage vote

After weeks of heated debate, the New York State Senate passed a bill Friday, June 24 making New York the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. The bill, which passed in the...