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Dev Patel shines in 'Monkey Man'

Vengeful and heart-pounding, “Monkey Man” cinematizes intensely rhythmic combat sequences that immerse the viewer in a narrative where revenge is spoken through violent retribution rather than verbal communication. Dev Patel, who wrote...

On-Campus Events

Fleishman and Q Center host 'Queer identity in the workplace'

A collaborative event between the Fleishman Career Center and the Q Center, “Queer Identity in the Workspace,” took place on April 17. Aimed at educating and empowering attendees, the event provided a...

On-Campus Events

Creative writing program presents Angie Cruz

The recent installment of Binghamton University’s Distinguished Writers Series brought novelist and editor Angie Cruz to the forefront, showcasing her latest novel, “How Not To Drown in a Glass of Water.” Cruz,...

Off-Campus Events

The Phelps Mansion Museum performs 'Romeo and Juliet'

For those who attended Director Chris Nickerson’s, ’90, rendition of “Romeo and Juliet” at the Phelps Mansion Museum, they were in for an innovative experience. While the production takes place in a...