Anyone who’s anyone knows that women had it tough in the ’60s. The oppression they experienced during this time period made it difficult for a woman to express her thoughts and opinions in a male-dominated world. However, it seems like “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner is giving the women of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce a chance to take a stand in their lives, even if they’re not getting the results they want.

Peggy Olson

The last few seasons have proven that Peggy is on her way to becoming a female Don Draper, minus the disastrous affairs and identity theft. This season continues to prove that, especially the opinionated and savvy attitude she seems to have picked up.

In last week’s episode, Peggy is left with the responsibility of pitching a commercial for Heinz Beans to an unsatisfied client. Her fiery new attitude brings about her inner Don Draper, which backfires because: A) she’s a woman and B) the client is way too bothered by the way beans should be portrayed on television. Yes, you read correctly. Beans.

Peggy’s journey as a copywriter is still going in the right direction, even though she’ll hit more bumps along the way.

Joan Harris

Joan has always been a sassy woman who no one dares to disrespect, but her marriage softened her up.

Last season her husband went to Vietnam, leading her to have an affair (in true “Mad Men” fashion) with SCDP boss Roger Sterling, which resulted in a baby boy she’s pretending is her husband’s. His return a few weeks ago only shows viewers that Joan has fallen into the housewife archetype, which doesn’t suit her at all.

Luckily enough, she snaps out of it once her husband decides that he wants to go back to Vietnam. The Joan we all know comes roaring out as she tells him off, kicks him out and finally acknowledges that he raped her in a previous season.

Good thing that guy’s gone.

Megan Draper

Many people may have been Megan-haters from the beginning of the season because of how naive she seems, but that opinion may have taken a turn for the better.

When TV writers throw in random new characters after a few seasons, we generally don’t care, which is the case with Megan. She was introduced last season as Don’s new French-speaking secretary, who he subsequently marries after she babysits his kids in California and treats them like the Von Trapp kids from “The Sound of Music.”

Viewers could get the impression that perhaps Megan is using Don’s interest in her as an advantage to get ahead in copywriting, something she brings up in many of their conversations. But Megan might actually just be another Peggy.

Don seems to get off at the thought of being able to work with his wife, giving her obvious special treatment over others, but Megan won’t have it. She has a hold over him. Who could possibly forget her sexy serenade of the French song “Zou Bisou Bisou” at Don’s surprise party? However, it was obvious in last week’s episode that their honeymoon stage is over, as a chaotic fight erupted between the two over their work and personal relationship.

Megan is obviously not afraid to speak her mind and call her husband out on his bullshit, which is great because the man is in need of hardcore therapy. It’s definitely not normal to chase your wife around the house after you abandon her in front of a restaurant and leave her no choice but to take a seven-hour bus ride home.

Don has a history of mistreating women, especially his ex-wife Betty. I’d like to believe that at some point in her life, Betty wasn’t the “ice cold bitch” she’s made out to be and was actually a cheerful person before Don set his sights on her. Hopefully, Megan stays on the right path and leaves him before he gets a chance to instead.

These three women may not have reached gender equality yet, but viewers will keep watching on the edge of their seats until they do.