Apart from finding your classrooms and where to sit during meals, finding an ideal spot to study is crucial to making the Binghamton University campus your new home. Even when you’re not doing any actual work, having a spot apart from your dorm — which you probably share with a near-stranger — where you’re comfortable could be the make or break of your day. Here are some suggestions for you to try out.

1. Glenn G. Bartle Library

Of course, the top of the list goes to our beloved Bartle Library. There are study spaces spread throughout all of the library’s levels, with the individual pods with computers being among the most popular spots. You can also register for a study room beforehand for a stress-free, undisturbed study session. Bartle Library offers designated quiet spaces in places like the East and North Reading Room and fourth floor, also offering an outdoor patio. Otherwise, you can try to score a window seat for ample natural light.

2. Dining halls

A great choice if you don’t want to drag all of your textbooks to the library and back, your nearest dining hall — outside of rush hour — serves as a spacious and bright study space, whether you’re settling in at Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4), College-in-the-Woods Dining Center, Hinman Dining Center or Appalachian Collegiate Center. All dining halls offer different types of spaces. C4, for example, has couches and a Student Success Center to do work and print out papers. Hinman Dining Center holds lots of space, while Appalachian Collegiate Center brings a quieter environment. Either way, what’s best is that if you’re in need of some fuel while studying, a snack is just a few steps away.

3. Science Library

A very underrated spot due to being overshadowed by the big Bartle Library, the Science Library has a cozier, smaller and quieter vibe than the always-busy Bartle Library. It’s also placed in a more calm location, so you can enjoy its big windows without constantly being distracted by whatever event is going on that day.

4. The University Union Undergrounds

If you’re motivated by being surrounded by others who are also studying, or like a coffee-shop-kind of background noise, try the Union basement. Grab a coffee and a snack from Dunkin and settle in for your session. There is lots of seating and tables to do work with much less hectic vibes than the Marketplace has. If you need a break from all the stress, try out the bowling alley or pool tables!

5. Outdoors

Even if you’re not nature’s biggest fan, being outside on a nice day can still improve your mood greatly, especially after a rough week of school. Bring a picnic blanket if you’re sitting on the grass, a snack and pick a nice shade to spread out your workstation. One nice spot to check out is the Memorial Courtyard inside the Fine Arts building. Another great area is the tables outside of the John Arthur Cafe right next to the Spine. Be careful though, the wind may pick up your papers!

6. An empty classroom

At the risk of being kicked out by an incoming class, an empty classroom is ideal if you like to be absolutely alone while studying. The teacher’s table has plenty of space for you to spread out, and you can use the chalkboard if big visual guides help you study, or to act out your movie genius fantasy.