For over 80 years, the heroes of DC Comics have been part of the cultural zeitgeist. Batman is the most written-about fictional character in the history of the written word, Superman’s emblem is, according Director Zack Snyder the second most widely-recognized symbol on the planet — only behind the Christian cross — and Wonder Woman is perhaps one of the most impactful female characters in fiction. The iconic nature of this universe and many of its most popular characters cannot be denied, but unfortunately, the company has been unable to gain traction when constructing its own cinematic universe akin to Marvel, leading to incredible projects but also some money-losing flops.

A few months ago, Warner Brothers hired James Gunn as the chairman and CEO of DC Studios, along with Peter Safran, to create a new direction for the DC Universe (DCU) to showcase these incredible characters in movies, television and animation. Gunn has become known as one of the great superhero movie directors and writers, and fans are sure Gunn will take the DCU in a new and amazing direction, which will be partially announced this month. But which characters would fit into Gunn’s vision for the DCU? His affinity for the lesser-known, obscure and strange characters in comics means nothing can be ruled out. Here are just some properties, both large and small, that come to mind as deserving to be brought into popular culture through Gunn’s DCU.

The Green Lantern Corps

Yes, the Green Lantern Corps are generally well known. And yes, they have been featured in a movie. But also, that movie flopped and is generally panned. The Green Lanterns and the Green Lantern Corps, mighty cosmic warriors wielding power rings fueled by their wills, are an essential and fascinating corner of the DC Universe. One would be hard-pressed to find a Justice League roster without a member of the Green Lantern Corps on it, some with two or three. Nearly every major event, especially of a cosmic nature, features Green Lanterns. Between Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Alan Scott, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, there are some incredible human Green Lanterns with different personalities and characteristics for any story that should be included in any version of a DC Universe.


Getting the other one that people are likely to know out early, but also one of the most obvious choices to lead a movie or series — Dick Grayson, the first Robin and later Nightwing. Dick is a fan-favorite character who has stepped out of Batman’s shadow to become a hero in his own right. Nightwing is a member of the bat family, has led teams such as the Teen Titans and is the protector of a city often described as more crime-ridden than even Gotham. Also, establishing Nightwing will introduce a more established Batman, one who isn’t starting out but rather has his own family and has been through a lot — the Batman we know as the one in the comics. Nightwing has been called Batman’s better by many both in-universe and in-fandom and seeing a version of Dick Grayson that is sure of who he is and is established cleaning up his city rather than just as a kid. The film could be new and interesting and lead to great things in the bat mythos of the DCU.

Booster Gold

Gunn asked on social media what lesser-known characters fans wanted to see in the new DCU and said there was an overwhelming majority answer he wasn’t expecting — Booster Gold. This fan-favorite is a time traveler from the 25th century who stole a time machine and suit that granted him super abilities to go back in time and become a superhero. What sets Booster apart is his motivation, in which he came back in search of fame and fortune as a 21st-century superhero — and he’d be the only one to say he’s succeeding. Booster is overly sure of himself, egotistical and delusional in his view of his own abilities. He’s hilarious but can have a heartfelt moment when it is warranted. If anyone is perfect for bringing Booster to life, it’s Gunn.


Gunn has teased this character appearing in his DCU through a photo of him with no caption or explanation on social media. Lobo, which translates into English as “He Who Devours Your Entrails and Thoroughly Enjoys It,” is the definition of a badass. He’s the Main Man, the Scourge of the Cosmos, the Last Czarnian — the biggest and baddest bastich on this side of the Source Wall. Lobo is an alien bounty hunter who rides around on a space motorcycle fighting and exploding anything in his path. He’s got the strength of Superman, unparalleled regenerative powers and is banned from both Heaven and Hell so he is unable to die. It doesn’t get much cooler than Lobo, and hopefully, he’ll grace us with his massive presence soon enough.


Zatanna Zatara is the Mistress of Magic. An unparalleled magical hero who casts spells by speaking words backward. Zatanna has led the Justice League Dark — the magical division of the Justice League — defeating foes from realities humans can’t even comprehend and even obtaining god-like power at points, all while she performs magic in front of sold-out crowds around the world. Zatanna represents the best of what you can do with magic and superheroes coming together. She is a fan favorite who is sure to blow audiences away if she gets to the big screen, maybe even with her Justice League Dark teammates to showcase the incredible magical corner of the DC Universe.

The New Gods

The New Gods of the Fourth World is the magnum opus of comic creator Jack Kirby, creator of many characters fans know like Captain America, Thor, the X-Men and so many more. The New Gods inhabit the twin worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, caught in an endless war as the mad god, Darkseid, seeks the Anti-Life Equation to wipe out all free will in the universe. Zack Snyder barely scratched the surface of Darkseid, the New Gods and the Fourth World in his films. Characters like Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Orion and the Forever People could carry movies on their own. Mister Miracle and Big Barda are two fan favorites who starred in a recent award-winning series by comic writer Tom King. King penned a New Gods movie script with director Ava DuVernay before it was canceled two years ago. The script is written, but Gunn just needs to greenlight it and get the New Gods out there.

Mister Terrific

Finally, the most underrated character in the entire DC Universe. Michael Holt is the third-smartest person on the planet — arguably the first by some versions — an Olympic athlete, a polymath and a billionaire. Mister Terrific is Batman but arguably smarter, cooler and definitely more sociable. Mister Terrific has been on the Justice League and led the Justice Society of America, led his own team the Terrifics and has saved the day countless times throughout world-ending crises using his intellect. There are numerous ways Mister Terrific can be used, but Gunn has posted on social media several things that hint that his appearance is possible, including a picture of Mister Terrific with no caption or explanation and a post saying how much he liked the recent “Strange Adventures” comic, which Mister Terrific is a main character of. Mister Terrific is the coolest character you don’t know is your favorite yet — just wait until Gunn gets him on the big screen.