With Halloween on our heels, there is no better way to get in the spirit of the season than Slaughterland Screampark. Located at 666 Barrier Road, just a 15-minute drive from Binghamton University, this haunted attraction invites customers of all ages for a good scare with its five horrifying walk-throughs.

Each attraction bears its own unique theme, with a scare for everyone. Customers first scream their way through Dark Magic, where you have to feel your way through a pitch-black maze with short intermissions, featuring jump scares and loud bursts releasing smoke. Characters crawl out from the shadows and attempt to grab you as you cling to your friends for support.

Afterward, guests enter Frightmares 3D, where UV reactive paintings mesmerize you through your chroma-depth 3D glasses while lanky characters in morph suits creep up behind you.

Following this attraction is Wendigo Woods, where you are welcomed by a gravedigger with a shovel that finds itself a mere few inches away from your throat. As you are reeling from the dizziness induced by the bright lights and loud music from the previous attraction, you squint your way through the barely lit woods.

Exiting the woods, you find yourself at the Cirque de Mort, where you are greeted by acrobats contorting on the floor and chased by clowns wielding chainsaws. Once you think you have finally made it out alive, you quickly realize you are left to tour The Bloodshed, a slaughterhouse occupied by manic butchers drenched in blood. While this attraction does less to spook you, it definitely leaves you uneasy and disturbed by the cacophony of screams.

If you are lucky enough to survive this journey, you will find yourself at the end of the walk-through where everyone gathers by a bonfire. Here, customers are encouraged to visit the psychic on-site, who offers palm and tarot card readings. Also, you can enjoy the Bloodstreet Brewery and other concessions adjacent to the gift shop, where you can purchase Slaughterland tees and sweatshirts. On your way back to your car, you’re welcome to test your fate one last time by jumping in the “Coffin Hauler.” Here, you can take a photo with the undead.

Aliyah Ally, a junior majoring in philosophy, politics and law, described her friends keeping her grounded throughout the attraction.

“It’s a good adrenaline rush for sure,” Ally said. “The scariest part was knowing that I was going to be scared, but I didn’t know when. I couldn’t have done it without my friends.”

For guests concerned about safety and security, Slaughterland Screampark prioritizes the well-being of customers above all else. The attraction implements a “no touching” policy where actors are prohibited from touching customers under any circumstance and vice versa.

Evan Heater, 24, performer in the attractions, expanded on the other security policies of the park.

“We do have a few security guards that will go through the attractions and be in the middle of them,” Heater said. “We also have our sweepers … where the person behind everyone else would ride right behind them just to make sure there were no accidents or anybody hanging around or anything like that.”

Ashley Qiu, a junior majoring in economics, described Slaughterland Screampark as an experience nearly impossible to replicate.

“It was such a good experience,” Qiu said. “I feel like I’m a kid again. It felt like I was in a different realm.”

Slaughterland Screampark is open Fridays, Saturdays and select Sundays starting at dusk through Oct. 28. They are offering a $5 discount for all students this weekend, Oct. 6 through Oct. 8.