DC Studios has released its newest superhero movie, bringing a fan-favorite character from their comic book universe to the big screen in “Blue Beetle.”

The film focuses on Jaime Reyes, a recent college graduate who ends up getting bonded with an alien scarab known as Khaji-Da. He gets pulled into a world he wants no part of, as he is forced to shoulder a legacy he didn’t even know existed. As Victoria Kord — sister of the disappeared second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord — attempts to create an armada of her One Man Army Corps (OMAC) from the scarab’s code, Jaime must work with his family, Ted Kord’s daughter, Jenny Kord, and embrace his newfound power from his bond with Khaji-Da to stop her.

With DC Studios head James Gunn stating in a podcast appearance that Blue Beetle is the first character of his new DC Universe, which won’t fully begin until 2025’s “Superman: Legacy,” it is clear that this is a character fans are going to be seeing more of going forward. Is this something moviegoers should be looking forward to, though? If this first outing of the character is any indication, it absolutely should be.

From beginning to end, through heart and humor and action and drama, what “Blue Beetle” can be described as is fun. This fast-paced and character-driven story pulls viewers in and doesn’t let go until the credits roll. The jokes often hit, the sadder moments can cut deep and the action doesn’t fail to excite as fans watch this real and compelling cast of characters get caught up in this familiar world of superheroes. If nothing else, “Blue Beetle” is a good time for fans of comic book movies and people looking for a lighthearted adventure to kill a few hours in a movie theater.

What “Blue Beetle” really centers around, and where the film shines though, are in its characters. Jaime’s journey as a reluctant hero and the family around him is what grounds the story and makes viewers invested in the movie’s plot. Xolo Maridueña jumps off of a comic page as Jaime and acts as a compelling protagonist. Surrounding him, actors such as George Lopez and Damián Alcázar bring so much to their supporting roles. In a film ultimately about family, having so many great performances throughout the film in those roles really makes audiences care and adds realism to the fantastical nature of the film’s plot. Fans won’t just walk out of theaters wanting more Blue Beetle — they’ll be waiting for the next adventure of the Reyes family.

“Blue Beetle” is a movie that is made and executed well on all fronts. There are no major drawbacks of the film, as every aspect builds off of one another and is working as it should. The only issue would be that while the film does so much well, it also repeats what has been seen before in the genre without adding much that is new. As Hollywood is in a superhero zeitgeist, the origin is something that has been seen to no end and has no sign of stopping, many with very similar moments and themes being presented. There are many films that have shaken this up and done new things to various effects, but “Blue Beetle” never seems to.

While the elements specific to Blue Beetle and Jaime as a character are great, the origin plot is something that has become cookie-cutter to audiences. These things aren’t done badly whatsoever, but much of the plot elements and set pieces of the film are identical to what has been done without any real effort to distance itself. This isn’t an issue that a dozen other beloved superhero movies don’t have, though. It is just a reality of the genre that these tropes have been overutilized and new twists need to be added for it to become fresh and interesting rather than repetitive.

Overall, while not doing anything incredibly new, “Blue Beetle” does well what has already been shown before and in a fun and engaging way. Fans of DC and superhero movies are in for more of what they love from these films as DC prepares to enter a new age under James Gunn. Jaime has resonated with fans since his creation, coming from a background that has been underrepresented in the genre. This film not only does the character justice, but shows new fans what makes Jaime and the legacy title of Blue Beetle great.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars