Dress up in your fanciest suit or ball gown and get ready to dance at Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association’s (BBDA) Royal Ball event, scheduled for Nov. 18 at the Mandela Room.

BBDA’s Royal Ball event will be inspired by shows like “Bridgerton,” and will aim to make all patrons feel like royalty. The event will be decorated with arches and thrones. The thrones will be part of the dances, as dance captains will be portrayed as queens. Yulia Garaeva, president of BBDA and a junior majoring in history, emphasized the change of pace the organization is going for this year by making this event an annual occurrence.

“This is a completely new concept for us,” Garaeva said. “We are very excited — we have a huge turnout this year and the tickets are selling out pretty fast. We have a cap at 200 and we are almost at 150 now, so we’re getting close to capping the limit which is very new for us because last year by this time we had around 90 people.”

Garaeva explained that the increase in price from last year’s event was because of the addition of serving food.

“There’s dessert like a cake, an entree and a snack I believe,” Garaeva said. “There’s a full experience of food and performance.”

There will be different types of dances that will be performed, according to Garaeva. She is choreographing the pasodoble and waltz performance. Pasodoble is famously known as a Spanish military march used by infantry troops at a fast pace. Infantry troops would do 120 steps per minute and became an inspiration for modern Spanish dances.

Additionally, Garaeva is choreographing a waltz — and two team members are planning a Vietnamese waltz. Waltzes are usually smooth dances performed by traveling around in a circle of dance. In 3/4 time, the waltz consists of step, slide and step.

Garaeva explained her main roles in the planning of the Royal Ball, including working with Explorchestra, the composers’ orchestra at BU, which will be performing music to accompany the dances.

“To make sure everything goes smoothly, I check in with them by the week to make sure they are on task and not too overwhelmed … if they need me to do anything, I overtake any tasks they can’t keep up with,” Garaeva said.

Her journey to BBDA was one beginning with doubt, but ending the best possible way.

“I fell in love with ballroom … [at first] I wasn’t sure I was gonna join,” Garaeva said. “When I saw ballroom last year at UFest I was really drawn into it, but I wasn’t sure I was gonna make the team but I did. I slowly got to know the organization and get involved with E-Board and now I’m president.”

A dance lesson will be included in the event, where people can learn while enjoying themselves. Garaeva stressed that there is no pressure to be good at dancing.

“They can learn a little bit, enjoy themselves and be calmly introduced to ballroom in a very wonderful way without being overwhelmed by, ‘Oh you have to be good at it,’” Garaeva said. “You don’t have to have any experience or any partner. You just come in, enjoy, dance or don’t dance, it doesn’t matter.”

Tickets for the event are $20 and can be accessed at BingTickets or with cash at their tabling events. The BBDA’s next two tabling dates are this Friday at the Glenn G. Bartle Library from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and next Tuesday, Nov. 15 at the Union from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Those who buy tickets at a table will receive an envelope with an official ticket inside.