Kevin Ren/Pipe Dream Photographer

Hey everyone, it’s your Arts & Culture editor here.

There’s a lot going on this weekend, between the inauguration, the Women’s March on Washington and whatever fresh hell your new classes are already bringing you. But rest assured that among all of this change, one constant remains: the Dollar Show.

Yes, once again, Binghamton University’s nine a cappella groups and one improv comedy group will perform in a show that, while often entertaining, can also feel very long. Since my freshman year, I’ve been involved in the Dollar Show in various capacities, from performing stand-up to stewing angrily in my seat upon the Binghamton Crosbys announcing that they will be performing a fourth song. While I’ll be performing improv at this year’s show, I still recognize that sitting through an entire Dollar Show is a somewhat arduous tasks. However, with good planning, the experience can be a much smoother one.

The first recommendation would be to pack food — and to think big. Don’t just grab a bag of pretzels and expect it to carry you over for the entire time. Bring a fruit platter, bring a salami sandwich, bring an entire rotisserie chicken if you feel so inclined. Besides being tasty, bringing food is a great way to make friends. Why sit quietly at the Dollar Show, when you can pass your hummus dish over to the next aisle and get to know the other people on the same journey as you.

So food is obviously important, but let’s not forget about drinks. At best, the Dollar Show is a night of musical magic. At worst, it’s a pregame, so get pumped. What better way to prepare for the after-party than by bringing a bootleg mimosa in a Poland Spring bottle. This is a night of class and elegance.

Once nourishment is taken care of, it’s time to talk about dress code. If you want to be efficient, get ready to go out before hand. If you want to really settle in for the show, bring a pillow and some blankets. No shame in a quick nap between sets.

Additionally, time your bathroom breaks well. What if you have to leave and you miss your roommate’s big solo? Then what was this all for, everyone?