A drug experience is dependent on many things, but — as long as it all lines up — it can be a rewarding and exciting journey. The main components to achieve this are set, setting and substance. This guide will help users of psychedelics, from the inexperienced to those with more experienced, avoid a bad “trip.”

1. Come in with a good mindset

This tip may be a no-brainer, but have a positive and uplifted mindset before taking a drug. If you have just come off bad news or a disturbance to the mind, then some dormant thoughts could come to light during the drug experience. While a trip could be a good time to be introspective and explore facets of your life in a new way, this is not as ideal when those thoughts are extremely distressing.

2. Set goals

An important piece of advice before beginning the psychedelic experience is to set expectations for it. What do you hope to gain from the trip? What type of mood do you want to be in? Do you want to be active or more sedentary? Planning how much to take and what activities you will be partaking in is critical. Maybe there is something you want to ponder spiritually or psychologically. Just remember to plan these goals beforehand.

3. Be in a good space

As mentioned before, the setting is one of the main factors behind how your trip will go. First, you want to surround yourself with people you are comfortable with. Whether they are a fellow passenger on the trip or as a sitter, the person — or people — should be a figure in your life that you can be open with and not feel judged by. Psychedelics will open you up and show you the world as it really is, so having good people in the room with you is very important. Second, the actual location matters. If you are going somewhere that may overwhelm or overstimulate you, then it is better to stay somewhere more isolated. A place you feel comfortable in and know your way around is highly recommended. The feeling of being stuck or lost somewhere could lead to a scary experience.

4. Measure how much you take

The dosage can directly affect how your trip experience goes. If you take a little bit, then you may be underwhelmed, but if you take too much, then it could be overwhelming. If you are a beginner, doing research on a proper first-time amount is key to an enjoyable drug trip. If the packaging informs on how much to take, that can be a helpful guide as well. People like to do a lot and get in over their heads, but patience is key. If you are feeling good but want to reach a more exhilarating level, you can always take a little more or strategically increase the dosage on the next trip.

5. Don’t do it if you have just done it so you can reflect

Psychedelics are, for the most part, not addictive. It’s still important to consider how long you wait in between trips. Taking them too often in succession will lead to a developed tolerance that means, eventually, you will not feel any of the effects anymore. Taking them at a high rate can also overload the brain too much and lead to feelings of dissociation. It is better to wait multiple weeks or even months to take them again. This time of waiting gives proper allowance to thoughts of reflection about the trip and the overall experience.