This weekend, the University Union will play host to stand-up comedian Terry Withers. Withers will be on campus for a stand-up performance and two comedy workshops.

Brought to campus by the Student Association Programming Board (SAPB), Withers is a comedian with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, the company which has spawned talents like Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari and Donald Glover.

Max Maurice, the Student Association (SA) vice president for programming, said that bringing Withers to campus has been in the works for a long time.

“Well, Terry Withers was a name that the variety chair of SAPB had been throwing around since last semester,” said Maurice, a senior majoring in electrical engineering. “She really thought that he would have been a cool, smaller addition to the acts we’ve brought throughout the year. He seemed to have a high demand within the committee, so it was really a no-brainer for her to want to pursue booking him.”

Lyla Cerulli, the variety chair for the SAPB and a senior double-majoring in psychology and classical and Near Eastern studies, shared that Withers reached out to the SAPB about coming to campus, which kick-started the process.

“Terry actually initially reached out to us first, and since I’ve seen him at UCB Chelsea in his show ‘The Terry Withers Mysteries,’ I knew he was extremely funny and would love to have him perform at Binghamton,” Cerulli said.

According to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre website, Withers began working with the Brigade in 2007. He is best known for his improv stand-up, but has also been featured in several long-form scripted videos the Theatre has produced.

Most recently, Withers starred in the monthly “Terry Withers Mysteries” at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre outpost in Chelsea. In each show, Withers works to solve a unique murder mystery, entirely created by the audience and completely unknown to him before he comes on stage.

On Friday evening at 7 p.m., Withers will be performing in the Undergrounds after a set from the Pappy Parker Players. Withers will also be offering a sketch comedy workshop before the show, and a separate improv comedy workshop on Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. in UU111. The workshops will also feature his partner, Hunter Nelson. The structure for the workshops is being planned by the comedians, but Cerulli said she believes they will be like those held at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Both the show and workshops are open to the public, and Maurice expressed that because the show is expected to be smaller, he hopes the workshops will be a big part of the weekend, too.

“It’ll be cool to see an established comedian giving pointers and relaying his comedic knowledge to interested students,” Maurice said.