This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day, and if you’re looking forward to celebrating, you’ll need a great playlist to get your day started. Sure, you might know “I’m Shipping up to Boston,” but there is a lot more to a good Irish-inspired playlist than just the Dropkick Murphys. To begin your day with some exciting tunes, check out our playlist here and online on our Spotify account, @bupipedream.

“Beautiful Day” — U2

Even if you didn’t get a U2 album downloaded automatically to your phone, the band is a classic addition to any Irish playlist. Originally from Dublin, U2 is fronted by Bono, a musician famous for his humanitarian efforts propelled by musical talent. The band’s popular song, “Beautiful Day,” is a perfect track for facing blustery snow, and listening to Bono’s accented lyrics will transport you from the gray skies of Binghamton to the gray skies of Dublin.

“This Town (Cheat Codes Remix)” — Niall Horan

Niall Horan, of One Direction fame, is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist who recently went solo. The remix of “This Town” takes the original song, about small-town love, and turns it into a more upbeat track with a faster tempo. While One Direction mixed voices from all over the British Isles together, Niall’s solo career offers the chance to hear an Irish voice highlighted on similar songs.

“Breakeven” — The Script

For band The Script, moody is the goal aesthetic. “Breakeven” is one of The Script’s most well-known songs, and the band, originally from Dublin, has made its name singing songs that can get you feeling some type of way. Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year, the week might have left you singing, “I’m still alive but barely breathing,” but it’s just the beginning. Keep our playlist plugged in to keep the spirit of the day going.

“C’est la vie” — B*Witched

For those looking for that perfect ’90s vibe, Irish girl group B*Witched has got you covered. This is the perfect song to fit the mood when you look at a drunk text you might have sent. Sure, it might not have been the best idea, but such is life, we guess.

Here’s some more jams:

“Drunken Lullabies” — Flogging Molly

“Linger” —The Cranberries

“Orinoco Flow” — Enya

“Song for Someone” — U2

“I’ll Tell Me Ma” — The Young Dubliners