Taylor Swift never disappoints. Her latest album “Red” is all about love: the good, the bad, the angry and the sad. Lucky for us, Taylor really changed it up on this album and after listening to it incessantly for the past week, I can definitively say that my favorite thing about it is the variety.

She will always include wonderfully poppy, energetic and dance-able songs such as “22” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but every other song provides unexpected twists and turns.

Unlike her other albums, which are comprised almost entirely of songs Swift wrote on her own, “Red” features two duets. As much as I love the Taylor originals, it was interesting to see the way she brought other artists into the mix. In a recent interview, she explained that including duets on her album is something entirely new to her, but she felt it was her responsibility to herself as an artist, and to the fans, to try something different.

Kudos to her, because this latest album is the best of the best. “The Last Time” is a song that features Gary Lightbody of the band Snow Patrol, while “Everything Has Changed” is a duet between Swift and Ed Sheeran, who sings the popular song “The A Team.”

My personal favorites off the new record include “All Too Well,” a story of once-wonderful memories of a relationship gone south that now have a haunting effect on a heart trying to move on, and “Holy Ground,” a tale of newfound appreciation and respect for a past relationship. These tracks not only feature captivating lyrics, but unforgettable melodies.

I was most enticed by “Starlight” and “Stay Stay Stay,” because not only is Swift’s obvious energy and enthusiasm contagious, but you truly and almost jealously wish you were there to be a part of these adventures.

With half of the songs over four minutes long, “Red” is an invitation from Swift to experience the raw emotion behind everyday events with a song to suit every mood. Swift is nearly a scientist of human nature and wraps up all common thoughts, feelings and memories into a neat little bundle played for all the world to enjoy. And enjoy we do.