Binghamton’s most famous time of year, Restaurant Week, is back and in full swing. With more than 20 participating restaurants offering great deals on (mostly) great food, mobs of students and locals alike have their forks and knives ready. Yet, with three courses being the standard of Restaurant Week, it’s easy to get carried away quickly and forget about everyone’s favorite word: calories. After all, Binghamton isn’t America’s second most obese city for no reason. The Downtown restaurants offer a huge selection of delicious foods, many of which are loaded with fat, sugar and yes, calories.

Yet it’s not hard to see the healthier alternatives if you’re willing to look for them. Of course, there are a few exceptions. There are some restaurants, including Burger Mondays, Café West 46 and Czech Pleeze to name a few, which do not offer the healthiest meals on their Restaurant Week menu. If you wish, you could always order something that’s not on the Restaurant Week menu. But, who wants to do that?

In an effort to keep Binghamton from becoming No. 1 on American’s fattest cities list, here is a list of 10 healthy dinners from 10 different Restaurant Week locations, in no particular order. Now all you have to worry about is the willpower.

1. Whole in the Wall

Course 1: Organic Mixed Green Salad (with seasoned oil and vinegar)

Course 2: Stir-Fried Vegetables (with organic tofu over brown rice)

Course 3: Fat-free Blood Orange Sorbet

2. Cortese Restaurant

Course 1: Breaded Mushrooms

Course 2: Fresh Salmon (with honey mustard glaze)

Course 3: Espresso

3. Lost Dog Café

Course 1: Sugarcane Shrimp Cocktail

Course 2: Dog House Salad

Course 3: Kale Pesto Salmon

4. saké-tumi

Course 1: Edamame

Course 2: Miso Salmon

Course 3: Green Tea Ice Cream

5. Galaxy Brewing Company

Course 1: Rocket Salad

Course 2: Soup du Jour

Course 3: Quinoa Barley Chili

6. Water Street Brewing Co.

Course 1: Blackberry Salad

Course 2: Corn Chips (with butternut squash salsa)

Course 3: Apple Cider Chicken

7. Number 5 Restaurant

Course 1: Apple Pecan Salad

Course 2: Stuffed Peppers

Course 3: Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich

8. Zona & Co. Grille

Course 1: Black Bean Soup

Course 2: Ancho Citrus Grilled Fish Tacos

Course 3: Rice Pudding

9. The Loft at 99

Course 1: Kale Caesar

Course 2: Grilled Salmon and Beefsteak Tomatoes

Course 3: Gorgonzola and Walnut Stuffed Apples

10. The River Bistro

Course 1: Spinach Salad

Course 2: Pan-Seared Salmon

Course 3: Warm Apple Turnover à la Mode