The summer was lit with these hot summer songs! This playlist has various hit songs that were popular in Jamaica this summer, as well as other countries around the world. It features some of the biggest tracks from Shenseea and Spice, and highlights trending songs by new artists such as I Waata. This is real and raw dancehall! You can find this playlist on Spotify, bringing you the high energy.

“Come Home” — Vybz Kartel

Ladies, get ready to wine your waistline! This high-energy track by the king of dancehall, Vybz Kartel, brings the original dancing vibes. The song is about how a woman’s body makes her man “come home.” In the track, he reassures her that he is not leaving her for anyone. Kartel deejays, “Me nah left, me nah left / Me nah left / Go deh me gyal yuh body wicked inna bed / She cyan seh yuh cyan bubble pon yuh head.” Vybz Kartel expresses that he cannot leave his woman based on her skills in bed.

“Blessed (feat. Tyga)” — Shenseea

After signing with Interscope Records, Shenseea dropped a hit single with Tyga. The track has a hip-hop sound with a dancehall beat to it. She sings, “First thing in the mornin’ when I wake up / Thank God for life / Look in the mirror, say / B***h I’m the best / Best, best, best, best, best, best / Way too blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed.”

“Cut Off Jeans” — I Waata

This new artist has been turning up the stations and parties in Jamaica with his hit song “Cut Off Jeans.” The song brings great dancehall vibes, plus lyrics Jamaican men can relate to because they love wearing jeans in the summer. As he deejays, “Suh mi role / Suh mi role / Suh mi role / Rolex pon wrist yuh kno dat a gold / Suh mi role / Boy suh mi role / Mmm a just suh mi role / Role out inna mi cut off jeans.” The song focuses on how I Waata flexes when he is out in his cut off jeans.

“Standard” — Squash

The 6ix is real! Squash is currently one of the hottest artists from Jamaica. He runs a deejay/singing group called 6ix which includes other popular acts such as Chronic Law and Daddy 1. With popularity comes attraction from the ladies, which he addresses in “Standard.” He sings about how his baby’s mother leaves him because he has too many women around him. However, he tells her “Yuh drop yuh standard cause yuh a di queen,” telling his lady to stand firm to her morals.

“Cool It” — Spice

With a hot summer, we need something to “cool it” down! Spice’s single, “Cool It,” has been blazing the dancehall scene this summer. The song brings fun and high energy to the genre. Both men and women love dancing with each other to the song, especially at parties. “Cool It” is also doing well abroad in various countries within Europe.