Academic Resources — Transitioning to a college-level course load can be challenging for many. Outside of ChatGPT and professors’ office hours, Binghamton University students can access a wide variety of resources to help them achieve their academic goals.

Speaking Center

Located on the upper level of the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4), the Speaking Center assists students in enhancing their oratory skills and offers peer-to-peer consulting services to those seeking guidance and feedback on oral presentations. The Speaking Center addresses all aspects related to public speaking, including planning and organizing presentations, addressing concerns or anxieties and refining delivery techniques.

Writing Center

BU’s Writing Center is located around the corner from the Harpur College Dean’s Office at Library North 2411. Student tutors assist students working on various written assignments across disciplines — like lab reports, research papers and editorials. While they don’t proofread or copy edit, the Writing Center can help to provide an insight into college-level writing. In-person appointments can be scheduled starting the second week of classes and is open Monday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and Friday between 10 a.m. and 3:15 p.m.

University Tutorial Services (UTS)

A free tutoring service for BU students, UTS’s mission is to actively encourage the development of critical thinking, problem-solving and study skills among students outside of scheduled sessions. Each tutoring appointment lasts one hour, and UTS encourages students to utilize their services throughout the semester, not just immediately before an exam.

Career Resources — If the thought of job interviews and a career gives you goosebumps, BU’s career resources can help you plans and prepare for the future.

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development

Located on the first floor of the University Union and recognized for being an “exemplary career center,” the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development is the hub for career resources at BU. Staff members provide resumé and cover letter consultations, connect students to consultants and professional staff and organize internship fairs on campus.

Success Coaching

Students can benefit from the guidance of peer and professional success coaches who offer personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, weekly accountability groups, workshops and virtual resources. Success coaches, offered through the Office for Student Transition and Success, help to recognize potential obstacles to academic achievement and work collaboratively with students to identify and utilize their strengths.


A service that provides students with job and internship opportunities, Handshake also assists students looking for on-campus positions and federal work-study positions. Taking advantage of the platform can help students start applying for professional development opportunities when ready.

Mental and Physical Health Resources — Being away from home can be both mentally and physically taxing. BU has numerous resources available to aid students facing hard times.

Decker Student Health Services Center

The clinic, located behind Johnson Hall in the Dickinson Community, provides primary care for acute illnesses and injuries, health education, women’s health services — including birth control, travel medicine, immunizations, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing, psychiatric consultation and laboratory services to students. Every student is eligible to visit the clinic, and all services are confidential.

University Counseling Center (UCC)

The UCC is located in Old O’Connor 264 and provides comprehensive clinical and referral services to students. With scheduled and emergency appointments available, their goal is to improve students’ psychological well-being so they can fully leverage the educational opportunities available at the University.

Consultation, Advocacy, Referral and Education (CARE) Team

The CARE Team assists students in navigating complex situations, offering support during challenges or crises. Helping with short-term planning, they advocate for student success by providing referrals to relevant resources and aiding in the withdrawal process, if necessary.

Support Empathy Empowerment Kindness (SEEK)

BU’s non-emergency helpline is open for calls between 8-11 p.m. It is entirely student-operated and can be reached at 607-777-HELP (4357).

Additional Student Resources — Outside of academics, career development and mental health, BU offers ways for students to become an active member of their new community, as well as services that allow students to get around campus, reach their fitness goals and stay in touch with their faith.

Binghamton University Interfaith Council (BUIC)

Comprised of a diverse set of religious institutions and organizations in the greater Binghamton area, the BUIC is dedicated to addressing the religious and spiritual needs of the University community. BUIC members are available on campus and welcome interactions with students, faculty and staff.

East Gym

Every student at BU is required to pay a recreation fee, which grants them the use of the East Gym and Recreation Center for specific activities, including swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis and disc golf. Avid gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts must pay $100 per semester or $180 per academic year for access to the weight rooms.

Off Campus College Transport (OCCT)

OCCT is a student-operated bus service that offers transportation between the University and the local community — with routes going to Target and Walmart, Downtown, Johnson City and more. Students enjoy this service for free by scanning their University ID cards. OCCT also operates a campus shuttle service and Late Nite, which services students going Downtown on Friday and Saturday nights.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Offering support to students experiencing technical difficulties, ITS also operates a wide variety of services with the goal of advancing academic success and wider administrative goals. Students can utilize free 3D printing services and get help with devices from professionals in the field.

Clubs and organizations

Students can explore the diverse range of student-run organizations available at BU on the B-Engaged website. The University offers over 450 clubs and organizations that can help students become more involved with the campus community, learn new skills and meet lifelong friends.