Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor was written by the SA Executive Board.

We, the Student Association Executive Board, requested a recent resignation based on factual grounds. The departure of this executive officer stemmed from a failure to meet the expectations of the community they were elected to serve, both in terms of work performance and conduct toward fellow members of the school community.

The decision to ask for a resignation this late into the year was difficult, but we felt it necessary in order to uphold our organization’s values and dedication to meeting the needs of students. Furthermore, certain behavior was inconsistent with the diversity, equity and inclusion values of our office.

Addressing misconduct is uncomfortable, but it is our duty to uphold the integrity of our organization. Despite numerous attempts to address the situation and provide support, the actions persisted, leading to an accumulation of complaints from organizations and SA staff. There was a significant need to take action because the organizations and colleagues were being directly harmed by poor work performance.

It is imperative that we all learn from this experience, especially as student leaders. It is our hope that this serves as a reminder to all that such behavior will not be tolerated, and that sensitivity and inclusivity are essential aspects of leadership.

The SA Executive Board is a group of student leaders elected to oversee the administration of the SA.