To the editor:

Tuesday, Pipe Dream published a letter to the editor that we fear will distract the campus from the devastating reality of modern-day slavery.  The FBI identifies human sex trafficking as the most prevalent form of modern slavery, with estimates of its victims in the millions, domestically and internationally.

We think this issue is so critically important that this is the third time in four years we have spent a week of the spring challenging the campus to confront and to help eradicate this evil.

We have been screening the documentary “Nefarious” this year in an effort to inform the campus about sex trafficking.  We think it is an accurate account of the problem and the challenges surrounding fighting it.

Adjunct professor John Weaver criticized the sponsors of the movie, which we believe is an unnecessary distraction from seriousness of human trafficking. We stand by the content of the film and invite the campus to come and see it for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

We expect Binghamton students to have higher levels of informed discourse around the issues of our generation. In many of our classrooms we explore the art, writings, theories and ideas of people with whom we might disagree vehemently, but we judge their work on its own merit. We invite the campus to come, watch the movie and discuss this modern-day injustice.

Lauren Kirst
President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship