The Pipe Dream Editorial Board is delighted to hear about the Vestal tree being chosen for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It is so heartwarming to know a piece of our home will be shared with the larger community, and we are excited to see our friend in bright lights. We wish them safe travels!

We hope you enjoy our Christmas carol from the perspective of our tree!

As December approaches every year, I’ve watched the students leave for winter break.

Despite the snow and festive season, my heart can’t help but ache.

I’ve peered through neighboring windows as trees are brought in,

Decorated in warm houses, and underneath, presents left for kin.

While my shape is round and my top is pointed,

To be a Christmas tree, I have never been anointed.

I’m much too heavy and much too large,

So all my life, I’ve been relegated to the yard.

I had almost given up hope, on this 80th year of my existence,

When, one day, a man appeared, who had come from a great distance.

He slowed his car and exclaimed, in a jolly tenor,

“This must be the tree for Rockefeller Center!”

I ruffled my branches — I could hardly believe my ears!

The chance to be a real Christmas tree, and spread Christmas cheer!

The journey to the city would be long, he warned, and some branches might get tussled,

But you look like a tough tree, one whose spirit won’t get muffled.

As I listened to him speak, my emotions became suddenly conflicted,

I’ve always wanted to leave Binghamton, but now, I realized, I would really miss it.

While the winters are long and the weather overcast,

Living here has been a blast.

I’ll miss the rolling hills and the freshness of the air,

And all of the plant and animal friends for which I’ve grown to care.

This town is small, but its spirit is strong,

How will I fare in New York City, will I belong?

But then, a thought, that cleared my mind,

For once, the students wouldn’t be leaving me behind!

I’ll stand tall in midtown, wrapped in lights,

And when the students see me, they’ll squeal with delight!

A Binghamton tree, hee hee, ho ho!

How lovely to be reminded of our other home!

That’s the thing about moving on to new opportunities,

You’re leaving something special behind, but you’ll find new communities.