When @bingsapb posted to Instagram saying they would announce Spring Fling performers over spring break, Binghamton University students were abuzz with anticipation over who would perform this year. In the comment section, students guessed who the big performer might be — Lil Uzi, Flo Milli, J Cole, and, most popularly, Miss Ice Spice.

To gauge the reaction of BU students to the April 4 announcement of who this year’s Spring Fling performers would actually be, Surfaces and Imanbek, all you have to do is read through the 435 comments under the Instagram announcement post. While many students expressed disappointment about this year’s line up, much of this sentiment was misdirected toward the SAPB.

We picked out a few highlights that illustrate students’ complex feelings about the line up:

“That’s not ice spice”

“@icespice pls come here, I’m a munch frfr’

“Will be selling tomatoes at the entrance”

“Gunna took y’all money”

“Really went from gunna to this”

“… you still have time to delete this and try again”

“You guys know April fools passed right?”

“the baddies did not get what they like”

It’s fair to say many students expressed disappointment following a slew of extremely popular performers who have graced the Spring Fling stage over the past few years, including Doja Cat, Playboi Carti and most recently, Gunna.

““you name em, we bring ‘em” we ain’t name these people yet here they are”

“where’s sean kingston? these people weren’t on the list”

These are good points. Surfaces was not included in the survey of possible acts that the SAPB sent out before recruiting performers. However, SAPB members explained that the Spring Fling survey responses indicated that students wanted a genre other than rap this year, and Surfaces was on the fall survey, so it is fair to say that the SAPB did take student opinion into account. But, we want Sean Kingston too.

“Only going for @fromthebronxband then I’m dipping”

If students are unfamiliar with — or not fans of — opener Imanbek or Surfaces, seeing the awesome BU student band From the Bronx open the show should be a reason to go!

“Haters begone”

“ngl there’s more to be said for the ppl on the SA busting their ass to give us sick events all year than the keyboard warriors in these comments”

“Y’all are being exceptionally weird about this. If you thought ice spice was gonna take a trip to the southern tier you’re actually delusional. Also, planning events like this is insanely hard. SAPB are students doing their best, same as you. So be kind.”

We agree. The SAPB are students who work hard to put on great events and concerts all year for BU. It is extremely difficult and expensive to get top performers to come to the University, so the performer is not at all a proper reflection of the work that the SAPB puts into this concert, and all others. We should be grateful that students choose to take on these positions of responsibility to make our school year more fun — so be kind to your fellow BU students. And, who knows, maybe Ice Spice will perform at Spring Fling next year.