“Snap.” It happens so quickly that you can barely hear it with a rowdy crowd surrounding you. In just hundredths of a second I can freeze a memory and place it into a time capsule called a photograph. For me, photography has been my Binghamton University experience, and it will be my memory of my time here. Whether it was photographing a game or one of our awesome concerts, professors, students or just a friend, I will remember it.

In 1/1000th of a second the name “Binghamton University” flashes every memory I have had here: the good and the bad. Listening to people say, “Where were you when…” or “Do you remember when that happened?” when they see my photographs is all part of a great photograph. In a year, 10 years, 25 years or maybe even 100 years from now, when my memory gives up on me, I want to open my time capsule of Binghamton photographs and remember these days. I wouldn’t delete the bad times and I wouldn’t Photoshop out the mistakes. I would leave things just as they happened and learn from them, as I have done for the past four years. This was my Binghamton University experience and I’m proud of it.

I have met some great people in college, and even though my time here is ending, my memories of this place are not.

Thank you, Pipe Dream.